Advertising vs. Marketing vs. Branding

What do Advertising, Marketing and Branding all have in common? Well, like bathing they should be done regularly, because no matter how well you did yesterday *sniff, sniff* you got to do it again today.

When I was studying for my MBA I wrote a paper that basically described the three as this:

Advertising : “Hey, I’m Jason and I just opened a widget shop in your area”.

Marketing: “Jason’s widget shop sells widgets for your specific needs. Such as car, truck and RV widgets.”

Branding: “Hey Tom. I heard you’re looking for widgets. ┬áStop by Jason’s Widgets. He has a HUGE selection. He’ll have what you need.”

To many small biz owner, honestly to many people in general confuse their marketing for the advertising and their branding for all them. (Business isn’t the only sector that should be concerned about the Advertising, Marketing and Branding it puts out, I will talk about that on another post.)

Advertising can be done for the large spectrum of possible candidates. Marketing however is done to a specific swatch of the entire possible field.

Janet might let everyone know that she’s opened a hair salon. She might market his services to specific markets such as older ladies wanting to care for their delicate needs. Needless to say you can marketing one business/service to many different markets. Branding however is setting yourself apart. So Janet becomes known as THE one to see when it comes to older ladies hair care needs. Or Sam becomes THE mechanic to see if your late model domestic car needs TLC.

What doesn’t need happen is that you think that your business card is enough to make the phone ring.


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