Pencil gate continues

I started a new policy regarding the pencil sharpener. The kids were eating up SO much time going back and forth sharpening. I have shut down all sharpening. I sharpen a batch in the morning and trade my new sharps for their dull pencils through out the day. I pray this helps keep them in their seats. Besides going through just about 20 pencils it worked ok.

Today was an assessment. All I can do is pray they did what they needed to. I set the class timer and let them know that I wouldn’t collect the tests until time was up. Since time was up almost 8 mins before class ended, I think I won.

Next week we do some fun stuff with measurement. Should keep the engagement factor high since I have tons of activities for them to do. Overall they can learn a lot. Just got to keep the pedal to the metal.
I’ve called nearly 15 parents in the last 2 days. I’ve met with 2 face to face, spoke directly with 8 or so and left messages with the rest. Praying to see a change this coming week. Also going to get a hold of every kids # to have on my desk at readied availability. Right now I get the # from the kid and save it to my phone. There’s no surprise in that. 😦 Can’t wait to see the look when I hang a kid the phone and say “your dad would like to talk to you.”
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