Umm…that didn’t work right

I've been posting my student's homework online. Each Monday they'll get their assignment. They'' have all week to complete 3 or 4 projects. I tested the site on a group yesterday. I was shocked at how long it took them to get the URL correct. It was as disaster. 

I contacted the website admin to get some advice. He made a great suggestion that just made to much sense. I make some changes to the URL. It went from 19 characters to 10. The kids have a much better success rate of getting to the site on the first attempt. The point is I have to be willing to accept that I made a mistake in my delivery not in the process. Even if NO kids have net access at home, I'll make time for them to do 1 project a week because they must learn how to use the web. (By the way my kids have a library in the community, a huge computer lab at school and multiple times to use the computer as a part of the school day.)


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