Keeping your game tight packs

No, I'm not sending homework home over Thanksgiving week. That would be crazy. Who does that? I'm sending each of my hungry learners home with an "Keep Your Game Tight Pack". Each one is chock full of neat math games and skill builders that are going to help them keep their minds sharp over the week off. 

After doing my grades this week I know who NEEDS a pack and who will DO a pack. Shocking and sad those two people aren't the same. There are some who'll do any extra work I send home. I really heart those kids. They want to get the most out of 4th grade. Then there are those who need every extra bit of help I can give them. I really have a heart for those kids. So I have the packs ready and during Family day tomorrow I'm going to roll up on mom/dad/grands and put said package in their hands. I'm certain they'll appreciate the help. My kids that will do the work will just get their pack on Friday. Since I haven't received one phone call to complain about the work I've sent home I guess I'll just keep piling it on. Surely I can get one call my Christmas. 

The next 4 weeks is going to be tough. We have Thanksgiving week then 3 weeks then Christmas week. It's going to be tough keeping them all in the game. If this week was any indication I'm going to have to keep my own game tight. I start back at Crossfit South Cobb Monday. Can't wait! The game plan for the kids is to keep them going. I have a ton of out of class activities and we're going to exhaust them all. No long term sitting and getting antsy. We may bundle up and get outside or we maybe in the Kindergarten class teaching a 5 year old how to multiply. Something, but what we're not going to do is give me 1 more gray hair in my beard.


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