How do you rate your day.

Monday was a mixed bag of good, bad and ugly. Thankfully it didn't get ugly until the very end of the day. It was pretty smooth most of the day. So over all I give it an 8. 

A couple things I learned today:

  1. No matter how great the idea I have to think about it a LONG time before I roll it out to my students. They'll find a way to make you hate even the best lesson. 
  2. I plan well. But I need to plan great if I want to be great. 
  3. You can not expect high end behavior if your students have only known less than that. Not sure why I'm the only one surprised by this. 
  4. You don't have to be religious to celebrate Thanksgiving. 
  5. Spotify really, really won me over today. 
  6. Sacrificing lunch for the kids is a bad idea and shouldn't be subject to lesson #1.
  7. Don't spray winter frost on your classroom windows. You'll hate it by day's end. This should fall under Lesson #1 for sure. 
  8. 42 4th grade sized paper dolls might sound like a great activity, but it's not. 

 Back at Crossfit tomorrow and I can't wait! 


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