Who do you write your lessons for?

Just finished my lesson plans for the 2nd week in Jan. (Yeah, I'm a head like that) No good reason to not have them done and in the can ready to execute with excellence. While I was writing them I kept thinking about certain kids. They are in my middle group. I said earlier that's the group ready for success. I kept asking myself "will they get excited about this lesson?", "will they see the value in it?", "will they care that it's Saturday and I'm working?".

Throwing out the last question I think the others are good. We write out plans and teach out lessons for a certain audience. I have to make sure everyone enjoys the lesson, but I may have written it for a few. I was also planning my centers for this week coming up. Now that's where I had everyone in mind. I have been using the bottle cap flash game with my struggling kids. I have some excellent games for my solid students and my higher kids are going to catch a comet at their center. 

Now I also write my lessons for me. I tend to forget what I was thinking when I wrote the plans so I spent a lot of time leaving myself bread crumbs. Go to get myself back home if I get lost or start playing a game with kids and lose time. The better prepared I am the better my lessons go. I guess that's not really insightful insights. 

Getting ready for my last full week before Christmas break. To say I'm excited is to understate the obvious. 2012 is going to be a wild ride and rest is needed before the adventure starts. 


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