And that’s a wrap.

The calendar year ended sans any excitement. Thankfully. 

The staff had our Christmas party this AM. I had 3 parents agree to come in an watch the class, facilitate games and supervise a movie. 

The afternoon consisted of more games, lots of laughter and my bogus awards show. The kids really liked it and most of all they liked the great candy bars I doled out. Rather than have my less than stellar kids pitch a class 4 tantrum because they were excluded from the real fun I did something better. I handed everyone these really small candies. I let the class know that since I had to fund the party I had to keep it with in reason so they were just getting a piece of candy. I knew the do nothings wouldn't object. As soon as the last foil wrapper was thrown in the trash I clicked on my awards show powerpoint. (I had received $12 in class donations and I swore I wouldn't spend more than that. So I bought a variety box of 18 full sized candy bars and two cases of capri suns. Just about squashed the budget, but it was fun.) So I did the quick awards show, I passed out the candy bars and almost broke my arm patting myself on the back looking at the do nothings stare in awe as their peers enjoyed a much nicer treat. 

We ended the day with some musical chairs and a dance. Overall I'd say our day was a 7. The kids really showed their best side for the parents in the AM. I got bit by the "to much sugar" bug in the afternoon.  Should have saved the sugar onslaught until closer to the end of the day.

I got somethings done in my new classroom. The new teacher coming into my room got a lot done and the room is really looking alive. I'm not big on buying things to decorate my class so my class is a little more under construction. I have a ton of poster boards and construction paper in my living room. Going to teach my oldest girl how to make centers over the break. 


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