My teacher’s Christmas list

Got a little inspiration from another fun teacher blog.

My Teacher's Christmas list

1. A magic potion that transforms my classroom without me ever having to move a chair. 

2. Faultless technology. Nothing like starting a session and the tech not work like it should. Had a dance party during my End of the Semester Party and the streaming wasn't very hot. 

3. EVERY PARENTS correct and updated information. 

4. Air freshener that does. Nuf said. 

5. A teleporter that can zap me to anywhere in the building. Walking is getting old. Ok, can I at least wear roller skates?

6.  A scanner that scans the student's papers and automatically loads their grades into the system sans me having to do anything. 

7. Fantastic school lunch program. It would be awesome to see the kids eating natural and fresh foods more often. Matter of fact I think this is my #1 request. 

8. Magic lesson plans that just are done by themselves. I wouldn't mind little elves who set up my centers before the lesson, too. 

9. Copiers that wouldn't break down, ever. 

10. The super power to write lessons (just in case I don't get #8) that reach every student no matter what their levels, abilities, background and up bringing. 

Stocking stuffers

Classdojo adds new features to their great site

A metric ton of pencils, crayons and markers

Aerosol that I can spray to cause my students to desire to learn

I hope you all have a fantastic, restful Christmas. May 2012 be even better than you expect. 


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