Ready for a New School year, sorta

Since I’ve been given the opportunity to lead a new class on a new grade Jan 4, I’m going to do something different. I’m going to roll the calendar back to August. Going to start the year off afresh. Since the kids don’t know me that well there isn’t a whole lot of background to wade through. They’ve heard that I’m a mean guy so no need to shake that thought.

So January 4th I’ll start the year over. I have a very aggressive classroom theme to roll out. Gonna keep it under wraps until I see that it does come together. I have a team coming in and helping me on my furlough day 1/3/12. We should be able to clean the room, arrange and decorate in 6 hours. Besides that I have to cram to make sure I have all the frameworks and plans in place to start teaching at 8 am.

Looking forward to a high intensity 2nd semester. Should be nothing, but fun.
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