So the theme for 2nd semester is…

Extreme Classroom Makeover has concluded and the theme is…


I went with a workshop and contruction look for the room. I believe it really came alive. There are some store bought decorations, but must of it was hand made by a good friend who was FIRED up to help me do a total class turn around. I wanted to finish more of it, but it wasn't realalistic to stress it today. We had a vision of a ladder for a KWL Chart as well as some major overhaul in my book area. It just wasn't going to happen today, but if it had WOW! I have at least until the weekend to really make it pop. Besides, by then I will know if I need to have a truck load to sawdust added to make it seem more real.

Whitaker's Workshop:

Building a student who embraces risk and gives heart felt effort. Creating life long learners who will one day shape the world. 

Pretty sure every year I'm going to do a theme for the year. So next year I'll keep this one and just add more to it. I'm sure I'll find lots I want to add and take away. I have some neat friends and I think if I don't do the Workshop next year, I'll still have a serious theme. The end result has to be the kids learning. 

Today starts Crossfit SouthCobb's 5 week challenge. I feel so much better than I did last time so I'm expecting to bring it this time around. Didn't fair well on my lean muscle gain and fat loss last time, but my strength numbers did go up some. So this time I'm aiming to slim, trim and throw them weights.

Day 4 sans coffee/sugar. Feel good, but I could use a giant iced coffee for sure. 


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