The heart of a teacher

When I get really beat down and don't feel like anyone understands what in the world I'm going through, I recite this to myself. "I have the heart of a teacher and I'm making a difference for many generations to come".  

Today I recited that little bit more than a few times. It was tough, but I had to keep reminding myself that I'm getting through to these kiddos. I chose to suspend Fun Friday this week. It wouldn't have been beneficial to only have a celebration for just a few kids. This week the goal was 11 ClassDojo points. Some of my kids not only weren't on track to hit 11, but they weren't on track to get 3 points this week. I let Monday spoil me since everyone was on their game. I reminded them yesterday during our end of the day reflection time that they needed to make sure they pushed to get as many points as possible Wednesday. To many misunderstood me and came in to get as few points as possible today. I don't think enough of them believed that I would cancel it. So they had to see that getting the core content was far more important to me than anything else.

I also threw my hard cases a curve. I called everyone of their parents this afternoon. Many was on the phone with me when the offender walked in the door from the school bus. I wouldn't have minded seeing their faces. 

This week has been good, even with today being a tough one. I'm ready to start tomorrow anew. Back to the grind. 

Great Crossfit workout today. I feel like I was run over from the heavy front squats Monday, but that's why we do it. 


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