My blog isn’t like the others

and that's a good thing. 

There are so many top notch idea focused teacher blogs out there. I can spend entirely to much time surfing them, gaining ideas and letting the bloggers know that they're really appreciated. My own blog is different.  I can't be like them and I won't even attempt. What I can do is be Jason and put out what I think people would like to read about me and my return to teaching. 

I like to talk about what I do. I love my students even though my beard is starting to look like it needs a little touch up, because of said students. I like to vent that sometimes, more times than I'll admit I'm at my whit's end. I adore my co workers. We have the best group of rough and tumble, trench slogging, never quit teachers I've seen. I like to free myself for a few minutes and just say…"I'm a teacher and I make a difference". It feels good and that's why my blog isn't like most others out there. 

What I'm learning today is that I have to teach "children" to think for themselves. To often we've taught them to come to a wall, obstacle, challenge and sit down until you're told what to do next. That's a BIG hassle when one has a class of 20 who all seem to run into roadblocks at the same time. I almost think that my biggest goal is to get them to think past the immediate issue and think long term. It's a tough row to turn, but I see results daily. 

Thanks for checking up on Whitaker's Workshop


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