A lot going on today

Here…we..go! Another day is off and running. I'm supposed to have a visitor today to watch me teach my reading lesson. I have 2 meetings during my planning time and I have to finish the language arts assessment. Supposed to tutorial this afternoon and hit my favorite Crossfit gym as well. Let's just say this afternoon my students are going to get a healthy dose of centers. 

Thinking of doing an AR scramble. See how many AR tests we can take in an hour. My kids do read a lot of books and getting time to do the AR tests seem to be the real issue. Maybe we can do that this afternoon. 

Not sure what I'll teach for Black History Month. I enjoy looking back at the past. I'd like to tie in some form of looking forward as well. My students are gems and one day they'll be discovered. It's just a matter of time. Some how I want to get them looking at themselves in that way and acting that way. They are Americans and this is their history and future. 

There's a big push in my school to make sure kids are wearing their school uniforms. I used to not be a fan of them, but I've been won over. besides if there is one area to focus on getting kids to comply with a simple rule like that is the easiest. I wonder if other schools have dress codes/uniforms? Anyone? 

Ok, off to set up for the day. Make your day awesome!


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