I’m ready! Are you ready?

Yesterday the kiddos were ready to learn. Sure hope they're ready for another great day. Got some good stuff planned for them. I'm ready. I sure hope they come in ready as well. 


I moved the small bookcase from along side the big one. This opened my room like "Wow". Not sure why I didn't see this before, but it helped a lot. Today I'm introducing 4 new centers. I'm also to the point that every kid could have their own center. I'm thinking of doing a video of the centers so the kids can see HOW to utilize them. That would be fun and they'll get to post something cool on schooltube. My plans for next week are 75% done. 


Now my room isn't as dark. The curtains worked to well. Hot glue and some binder clips make for great curtain pulls. I feel like my room is done now. All that needs to happen now is keep the learning, flowing. 

Administration stopped by yesterday to compliment on the class and my work with these children. It's not me, trust. These kids just want to learn. Though their desire to learn is buried under a lot of distractions, they do want to learn. 


Didn't get into Crossfit SCobb this week, but I did workout at Basement Crossfit. Though the trainer at Basement is a slacker I got a good WOD in. 


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