Midweek grilling and chilling

It's Wednesday and I'm ready to grill. I love when Wednesday comes around. It's my grill day. On Wednesday I just drill, grill and thrill. We review, restate and re teach skills from earlier this week. I also have tutorial today and I hope those little dears are ready cause I'm going to push them for that hour for sure. I sure hope their appetites are in place cause I'm about to serve it up! 

Big green egg
Started bringing the hot fire by keeping all my parents in touch by texting them through out the day. That has been miraculous. The response and ROT (return on text) has been much better than just calling. (Besides I now have a text stream that I've talked to each parent to put in my notes for future conferences)

I have my menu ready, the grill is hot and the workshop will be smoking! Might even start wearing my grilling apron on Wednesday. 


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