What Bruno Mars and Crossfit have to say about this week.

I think Bruno Mars said it best about this week. "Black, black, black and blue. Beat me til I'm numb."

For my Crossfit family you can appreciate that this week was Fight Gone Bad, really bad. 

All I can say is I'm very, very happy today is Friday. I'm going to totally unplug tonight and reward myself for some hard teaching. Sadly I didn't get *teacher of the week, but there were some bright lessons.  

But let me highlight some good points. I made it. The kids made it. Fewer of my kiddos are totally throwing 2nd grade out the window than I thought. A lot of the pressure things that were being rolled out on us have been moved back. Oh yeah, I'm still caught up on my burpees

Can't wait to get to the gym today. My body is tired, but I want to smash this workout and then spend the evening watching Dora the Explorer with my favorite Dynamic Duo. 

*My on going joke is that I can't reach for the goal of Teacher of the Year, but I can be Teacher of the Monday or Teacher of a great Math lesson. 


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