Seriously am I being Punk’d?

My kids must be playing games with me. They see this gray in my beard and they think I'm old and crazy. These Little scalleywags are a trip. Let's enjoy, shall we?

"Mr. Whitaker, I can't do work today the pollen is to high."

"Mr. Whitaker I want to sharpen my pencil." 

    "Which pencil, that one?"

    "No, that one's already sharpened."  *crickets

"Mr. Whitaker, Johhnny put the wrong answer on his test."

    "And you know this how?"

    "I was checking his work to make sure he didn't put down the wrong ansewr."

    "I guess he didn't let you down, huh?" *crickets

"Mr. Whitaker, there's a wasp in the room."

    "Well, be quiet and let it learn. Maybe it brought a pencil" *crickets

"I have to go get my LUNCH from my bag, Mr. Whitaker."

    Ok, what did your bring?"

    "These…  Welchs-Fruit-Snacks1
    "Wow, did you have to bring 5 bags for yourself?"

    "I can bring you one tomorrow." 

Mind you these little gems fall all day long. I really wouldn't mind if a camera crew would set up in my room and rig my class with all these different cameras. Maybe I could just get the room set up with mics all over. The sound effects would be priceless anyway. Besides, I don't want to be seen on a camera, I would be a trip. 

Here's one. My principal came in to do a 15 observation on me. I didn't have my horse and pony show set up. We just went for what we knew. THEKIDSACTEDLIKETHEYHADSENSE! When have they ever done this…*crickets! So when I warn them and prep them they can't remember how to add, but when I give them no advanced warning they answer questions like they're on Jeopardy. I just don't understand kids these days. 

Crossfit SCobb really was the business today. Add 80 + degree weather to 8,000 pollen count stir in some insane desire to get fit and sprinkle some a great pair of workout shoes in and you get me smashing my workout with a pretty nice time. Granted my shoulders don't work anymore, but hey. Burpee day 39 tomorrow. 


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