Taking a second to review

I don't like dwelling in the past. I believe that my future is so incredible that every second spent in the past is diminishing the shine of the future. That being said I do need to look at how I've been working with my class and what I can do to help them more. Right now for a few I don't feel I'm helping them much. Most of my class are getting the work and making the progress. I just want to know what I did to reach these little ones and what I can do to keep capturing their attention. 

Here's to a little reflective planning. 

No Crossfit today, but I did hit the deck 40 times and jump back up 41 times. Burpee challenge day 40…done. 


One thought on “Taking a second to review

  1. Hey Mr. Whitaker!
    I recently found your blog when I ran across your shaving cream activity on pinterest. I saw that you teach in Atlanta, and I recently moved to Atlanta from VA. I have been looking for my first teaching job in or near Atlanta. Do you have any tips that may help as I search for a job? I’ve heard its tough right now and lots of competition in the area. Thanks and thanks for the teaching ideas on the blog!
    Lauren Miller

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