Spring Break has sprung

This SB was so restful. My personality is one that has to do in order to relax. Boy did I get a lot done. I can honestly go back to work this week ready, because I know that I've done pretty much all I could do over the break. I won't come home and look at a yard, driveway, garage, pile of books, basement, hedges or cars that need to be tended to. I was blessed to get A LOT done over this break. I even remained consistent with Crossfit this week. I mean I was a busy bee. Going to ride this wave of "get 'er dun" right on into the 4th quarter. My students better come prepared cause I'm ready to get it going! 


*Ummm…those lesson plans. Umm… yeah. Let's talk about that, later. Much later. 


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