One more post about Crossfit and education

I believe 100% that CF and CFKids would be a fantastic addition to public education. The personal development skills that kids learn alone are worth it. When it add in what kids will learn as it relates to new skills and disciplines and the value shoot off the charts. Add some good healthy competition to some of those budding knuckle heads. I'd like to see the on some bully's face when he/she gets smashed by some kid in some cfk wod. I'd LOVE to see the confidence on the face of the bullied kid when they see that they can do a lot more than they thought. 

My intention is not to slap phys ed programs in school. I know they're exactly what the school board ordered. I just think. No I believe in my heart that there is a much better way to get kids moving and active. 

 Day 81 of Royal Burpee challenge and I'm really having a time at it. The half way point is tomorrow and we still have 33 days to go. Do the math! 


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