3 days, but who’s counting?

I'm counting that's who!

This year has been a blast. I've had a great class and I can't wait to see them do awesome things in the future. We have 3 more days before they leave for the summer and I admit that with great sadness I'll see them off. (Is it hot in here? My eyes are sweating!)

No seriously, I've had a great time this year and my students can soon return to their parents. I pray they treat their parents just like they treated me all year. May mom, dad and whomever else fully understand the joy I've had for the last 8 months. 

We don't have anything grand planned for the EoTY party. Really I don't want to worry about throwing a party. Not sure that's  bad, but I hate digging into my pockets for my class.  It's also a huge hassle that doesn't tend to make the day go faster. I'd much rather just keep the lid on it give out class awards tomorrow. We might do a movie for the last day. Let's see. Get my classroom packed up the next couple of days and then do paperwork until I turn in keys on Thursday. *It is amazing how much "weight" seems to lift when the kids leave. I could work for an hour or so after the kids leave, but when they're there I just can't get out of there fast enough. I guess that's why I like coming in early cause I get SO much done before they arrive. 

Working on completely changing my classroom theme next year or adding more to the one I used this year. We'll see.

Day 97 of burpee challenge. It's been very, very tough. My shoulders and arms are shot. I could use a break and after this last 1500 burpees I will get a much needed rest. I won't miss burpees come June 9th. Might pick up a commemorative shirt, too. 


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