Hello Summer, it’s been to long

I can't believe it's here, SUMMER! This school year was a real test and thankfully I made it. Now for some good old fashion R&R. I ran across this idea from another blog and I thought I'd give it a shot. 

Here's my Summer Bucket list, (in no particular order)

  • Sleep. I get nearly 8 hours a night, but I need to improve the quality of my sleep. 
  • Family vacation somewhere.  Staycations are getting old.
  • Crossfit alot.
  • Daddy Day camp. Can't get enough of my girls so we'll be hanging out doing something every week. My wife and I have some goals for them before they go back to school. Let's see how well we do at getting them on track. 
  • Get a sport massage. Matter of fact, get a few of them. My shoulders are shot from the 115 days of burpees. 
  • Anita Baker concert!  Got tickets already. 
  • Finish reading a book that will help me get my mojo right for next school year.  Ope to more suggestions for reading. Oh, yeah and catch up on my 15 back logged copies of comic books. 
  • Plan for next school year. Thinking I'm going to change the Workshop theme. 
  • Paint railings around the front door. 
  • Gardening. Been teaching my girls about growing plants/herbs in our little planter on the deck. 
  • Do something to my backyard. Even if it's just bring a bobcat in and rip the entire thing out. Maybe a more sensible idea is to plant some new grass. Yeah that will work, too. 
  • Clean my horrible garage. 
  • I found several small painting projects around the house.
  • Start refinishing the deck. I can't see getting the entire thing done in one go at it so I'll spread it out a little. 
  • Start replacing the fence in the back that was destroyed during a storm.



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