This year’s theme

I'm crafting a new classroom theme for this year. I'm almost ready to reveal it, but for now I'm going to keep it under wraps. 

I will share this, however. This year I'm going to push A LOT. I know within my heart that I can do a lot more than I did last year. So this year I'm in a race with myself. I'm going to prove that *I can really change and shape a classroom of students into phenominal learners.

Goal set high, yep.

There's a lot of reasons to not do it, sure are. 

Could just coast and blame…, Yeah I could do that.

But seriously I know that many a gift haven't been used and this year I'm planning on scrapping the Gift Barrell for all it's worth. 

School starts in 8 days and I need to hit Crossfit Southcobb


*Christ's empowerment is a given. I can do nothing in my own strength. 


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