The new classroom theme is…

Super Learners! 



Look up in the sky it's a kid! No it's a child. No it's a SUPER LEARNER! We excitedly want to and seek to learn new information to help strengthen our future choices. 



This came out WAY cooler than I thought it would. The kids that have seen my room have all flipped out about this side of the room. 


Last minute homework poster that turned out perfect. We'll use this to keep track of our homework. Or course no one will want to be the Joker and not turn in his/her work. 


Not Superhero related, but I like this birthday chart. I'm going to clip each childs name and date under the respective month of their birth. Got my class list late Friday so I didn't have time to do this. But I'll do it this week for sure. 


Wanted some more Brown superheroes. I wasn't as pleased with the final product. My character was too tall and I had to cut her feet off. Certainly will revisit this one, SOON. 


Now, I'm very pleased with the end result of this bboard. I can't wait to put some of my star and developing work up on it. The kids are going to flip out for sure. 


This lamp in my book center is SO busy. It's over the top for sure. Everyone who's seen it agrees, it's so bright it doesn't matter that there isn't a light bulb in it. *I put a bulb in it already. 



I'm very pleased with how this came out. Supes flying with a book in his hand is BOSS. No one saw that coming. 


This was the least creative board I've ever done. Kind of make my room set up like a mullett. Conservative in the front and a party in the back. Honestly I put all my mental energy into the classroom that I forgot about this board. I do have some things planned as soon as the students get some quality work turned in. 


I'm really proud of my minimalist posters. Kind of wish I could have done more. Not 100% sure I won't roll out some more later on this school year. Since I'm going to change my word wall location (think UP, REALLY high up) I will have some room to show case more student work later. 


Not the best pic of these fantastic curtains. They certainly tie the theme in and keep the room looking creative. Very well done and they block just enough light. 


My Hulk poster is good. It's not as overwhelming as I planned. Trust me if this theme helps draw my students in I've already planned to go 3D for everything next year. 


This didn't "look" like I intended. I had this image in my head and this isn't it. I'm going to have to hone my Cricut skills cause I could do better. Anyway, this is a game to help keep my class abiding by the procedure of looking forward when in line. When we line up I'll call "passwordP and give them a task. Give me a word with  4 letters that thats with an A or A 3 letter word that begins with T. I'll pull a name at random and if that student has an answer they'll get a point/treat/kudos of some kind. 


Composition books sliced in half, covered with newspaper comics and given a child's name. Going to use these as name tags when the students come to class Monday. Under common core they're supposed to write a lot so guess what they'll be doing with their composition books? 


I really, really like this one. It was a last minute project and the wind was at my back. Another shout out to my 2 girls. I had to use up the space and it certainly was a good use. Kind of wish I had put this on the other storage closet closer to the front of the class.  20120730_152613

My only staple. The only thing I've kept my entire teaching career. 4 simple rules. This year I'm focusing on procedures. I'm drilling and practicing procedures so that later I can shift gears and really pour the coals on the fire. I can't wait! 


I'm so geared up for this school year. I feel like I have a plan and I feel the plan can work. I know my mental game is on point and I'm ready to push this class of children well past where they think they can go. 3…2….1… here we go!





6 thoughts on “The new classroom theme is…

  1. This looks SUPER FANTASTIC!! Your class looks so fun and inviting. I can only imagine the excitement of the boys. I LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing your ideas. 🙂
    Sweet n Sassy in 2nd

  2. Thanks, you’re all sweet. The kids have been loving it, but I think if I had rolled out with capes and masks on Day 1 they’d be eating it up. Guess that’s why everyday is a new day.

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