Slow and Steady Fast and Fragile

In another lifetime I'd be REALLY stressed at how little I grasp of Common Core. However, in this life I feel really good and confident that my class is going to stand up to any test. A lot of time is needed, but the end results will be amazing. This year's "rewiring" has helped me tremendously to get my mind out of the conflict, out of the issue and focused on solutions. 

This past week was great. The kids took to the Super Learner theme like fish to water. They're going to need some help with the procedures, but I won't fuss. They understand them. Now all I have to do is get them to become first nature. Right now the procedures are somewhere around 4th nature. Right after yelling out answers.

I know I have to do a lot, but I'm not as fretful as I was in the past. I can clearly see that the road is ahead. It has some slick patches. There's a branch in the way and so on. I'm not as worried as I used to be. Either God's got me where He wants me or He doesn't. I know for a fact He'll move us when the latter is true. 


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