I Quit!

I year ago I read a book called "Quitter". The short premise of the book is that we as people are doing to much. We need to start quitting things that we're not going to be excellent at so we can focus in on those few things that make us stand out. *I never said I was a book reviewer. I just like books a lot

So this week I made a list of things I quit. 

I quit making sorry excuses for being lazy. 

Oh, yeah, not wanting to be original. I gave that up, too.

I quit giving myself permission to not be a really good teacher.

No reason to come to me with gossip. I quit that as well. 

Oh, you want me to bend over backwards to please you? Snap, I just quit that. 

I take my life far more seriously than I did a few years ago before I quit being a pitiful dad and husband. 

I quit beating myself up when I don't do something perfect. Hey, I'm moving aren't I? 

I quit NOT doing a budget. This flying by the seat of my pants is for the birds! Going back to doing a regular budget every month. 

I quit thinking that each of my students come fro backgrounds like mine or my own kids. They need a lot more TLC than I may require. 

Being that I have a house full of little girls, I quit focusing on the boys behavioral issues over the girls attention issues. 

Yeah, that yelling thing. I gave that up, too. 

I'm a contract employee with sarcasm, but I'm planning on dropping my 2 week off soon. 

I've almost finished reading and re reading Og Mandino's 10 scrolls from the Greatest Salesman in the World. Each day for a month I've read the small chapter 3 times. I'm on 8 and I have 2 more chapters to recite. It's been really helpful. Might start over again just because it's been such a habit. 

I also need to come up with a seriously fun activity for Friday. I want to tie in all the concepts we did this week and make it LIVE! Let me process that for a minute. 

Been at Crossfit South Cobb a lot more. The first part of the school year was beating me up, but I got in the habit and I was in there 4 times this week. I feel so much better and I think it's showing in my mental game. I have a lot more to do on my physical game, but my mind and heart are in the right place. 



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