Crossfit Team WOD and Team Teaching

Today's WOD at Crossfit South Cobb was a team workout. Not sure why exactly, but I haven't done many of these. Anyway you and a partner work on a movement/exercise for a certain amount of time. Only one is working at a time while the other catches their breath. Seems pretty easy. It's not. 

I didn't know the guy I was partnered up with, but we worked on a plan. I'm pretty good at Dead lifts and I'm getting better with Thursters after some coaching. I'm fantastic with Burpees. I don't like box jumps and I'd much rather not do Burpees followed by Thursters. So the bell goes off and we're off to the races. The first round was good. 10 sets plus a few extra dead lifts for round 11. The 2nd round didn't go as planned. Both of us were hurting and now it was showing. The box jumps didn't work at all. So started alternating 1 jump per person. That stunk, but it kept my team moving and I was really getting the thrusters! If my partner was off on them I just stepped in and did them while he did the box jumps. Round 3 was more the same hate fest. Thursters were on, but found myself wanting to stay on the ground and nap with each burpee. Over all we did really well. 

Round 1     10 rounds with 3 Dead lifts

Round 2     6 rounds even

Round 3     6 rounds with 4 Thrusters

Ok, this is a teaching blog, Jason. What's up with all this Crossfit talk this week? I'm about to be paired up with another teacher starting this week. Being that this week was hectic we talked on the phone and chit chatted for 30 minutes at school, but come Tuesday it's all going to be new and different. We did flesh out what we're good at doing and what we'd like to champion. Seems like a good mix. Now we just have to add kids, lessons and stir. I'm not even worried about getting along with her. By everything I've seen and heard she's a great teacher. I'm confident that she wouldn't even be here if she wasn't a good teacher. So the real test is simply doing it. Working a plan for what she'll teach, what I'll teach, what where we'll jump in an help, what does help look like for all subjects.

It's going to be fun no matter what. 


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