The only thing for sure is change

I was informed this week that I'll be moving to 5th grade to take a 5th grade class. Starting Monday I'll be a 5th grade teacher. 

Knowing that God has me here in this school for a purpose and a reason I take delight that I'm doing work that is meaningful and will result in someone's life being better. I'm still sad that I have to take down all my decor in that 2nd grade classroom. *That stuff will be up on ebay this weekend if you're interested let me know. 

This year has been interesting. And to say it started off rocky is to understand a lot. There is something missing in my teammies and with the staff in general. It's sad to see so  many people who were excited about our jobs be so deflated and blah now. This was truly a different school and sadly now it's just a school. I need to pray more for that something extra to come back so we can get back to having fun doing what we liked doing. I'm over the Spirit Committee, not sure how that happened, but it is what it is. Thinking of some new team buildings that can help us get over this "7 week blah". #ITSONLYBEEN7WEEKS! 

Besides that Crossfit has been doing me well. I feel MUCH lighter and stronger after starting fish oil as a supplement. My busted ankle and knee feel better. I can see the real value in mobility work. I'm not the guy who likes warm ups, but I can see what they're for much better than before. 2012 is going to end as my year I smash a lot of my PRs for sure. 



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