Team teaching round 2

*I'm sure that sometime this year I'll delve in to the fullness of what's been my most disconcerting year ever. I'm doing my best to get my feet up under me as I now work through a new grade, new students and a new team teacher. To say this year has been a lot to bear is to really over simplify the matter. The only breath of fresh air is my team mate is a top shelf teacher. She knows her business and it's all about teaching. I'm learning a lot and I have to put more effort into asking better questions to get better results. 

Crossfit challenge in a few days. I feel good, but I know I'm going to get another kick in the gut come game day. 

 *This is an old post that I didn't get around to sending. I'm posting it even though as of today everything has changed. More later. 


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