Swamped week = low blogging

I've been working hard the last couple of weeks and I've neglected my dear blog. I hope everyone found some humor in my last post. Let me blitz through some thoughts

Ok, the election didn't go as I intended. 

I'm still feeling strange about the GA bill to allow charter schools. I just don't feel like I know enough about it all. 

My students are FUNNY! Not sure if it's legal, but I need a reality show for my class. I'll even donate the money to scholarship funds for all of them. Some of the stuff they say is high grade comedy. 

I see lights coming of in the little eyes of my students. That's refreshing given that we're almost on Thanksgiving. Now I have to REALLY push them. Change up the learning for each of them cause they have to move to 3rd grade next year. No other option. 

My family is outstanding. My oldest will be standing out in the back yard if she tells me anything else about Tuesday's election! 

Next week I'm to be observed. I'm not worried. If I didn't do a good job when no one was watching I'd be worried. I wonder what other teachers do tot prepare. Seems like most I know are in defense mode. I wonder does anyone go into offense and really seek to wow their admins and draw them in? 

I feel like I've neglected my professional development website Pinterest! I posted some pics of some charts I made this week, but I haven't had time to search. 

Did you know Halo4 came out this week!? Amazing! Sure home my kids get me a new XBox this Christmas! IJS

This weekend is going to be busier than busy, but I plan to grill which is equal to me relaxing and unwinding. Brisket, ribs and brats are on deck. 

Crossfit has been good to me. My eating is so/so. I still need to do better. We're going grocery shopping tomorrow so that will fix the eating out monster who's come by my house entirely to much this past week! The challenge this month is strict pull ups. They're great. 

I have to finish getting the room ready for today. See ya! 3,2,1…go! 


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