SWOT a teacher

In the business world there is a process of evaluation called the SWOT analysis. It stands for Strenths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats. Daily I think how useful this would be to have a teacher, grade levels or even a school do this process. When a group does it and focuses on building up and not just slapping others it can VERY useful. So….

Strengths: I know how to connect with students. I'm pretty good at delivering the material. 

Work; I know how and when to put in the heavy work. 

I don't have to yell. I know what to say and how to say it to get most of my students on track sans any foolishness like yelling. 

Weaknesses: PLANNING! I know this because I planned all weekend for a lesson today and I ROCKED! I could tell what I didn't plan for though because as soon as I finished rocking that kicking lesson the wheels on the bus came off. 

Time; I don't like giving a lot of my time to school. I'm acutely aware how much time I have and one day I'll have no more. I want to put as much time into my family as I can. 

I need every student's parent's phone number and email address. Not sure what I can do to get everyone since I'm relying on the kids to bring it. Just thought of something. 

Opportunities: I could get so much better at the curriculum. I know where to find it, yes. But if I could better break down every aspect of what my students should know I'd only get better. 

I must find a better way to file, grade and get back student work. I get swamped quick! 

Threats: I get bored easily. I can get super ADHD and if I'm not interested in something I can be less than excellent at teaching it. 

So I need to work on my strenghts and build up my opportunities.


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