Let’s get this year going

2013 is here and it's time to get cranking on those new year goals. For the life of me I don't fully understand why Monday night you can eat a triple double waffle burger, but Tuesday afternoon you can't? Well if you had you might still be sleeping off that burger, but you get my point. I like making NY goals, too so I can't judge anyone. 

This year I'm only focusing on not wasting time. I can veg out and unwind for a month if I could. I just can't do that any more. I have be about taking advantage of opportunities when they come up. No more wasting time. When I purposely take advantage of all the time I have I find my days really being rewarding and fulfilled. So this year I'm going to get at it. Matter of fact I need to put some grades in my grade book so here I go. 

Here's my vision board for the next couple of however longs. I don't feel it's DONE so don't be shocked when/if I totally redo it. 

I was able to get in to Crossfit South Cobb 9 days during vacation. That's pretty good. I feel great. I'm working on resetting my eating, cause I just eat a lot of food. Good, bad, paleo or not I can put down some grub when I want. Oh well, I have some papers to grade. 4 more days of vacation. 


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