I need as much help as possible on this one

I'm really, really, REALLY bad with paperwork. Maybe it's a fear of paper cuts. Either way ,I don't like doing paper work, Sam-I-Am! 

So here I sit in a classroom where each student almost requires more paperwork than my little mind can imagine, A LOT. I need some ideas on daily, weekly and on going paper work management strategies. Please send me some ideas, techniques, prayers, whatever. 

On a side note I'm almost there on my muscle up. I have all the parts. I just have to put them together and finish it. I feel that Miles, AKA my least Best Friend is going to put them into a workout tomorrow or Friday so I need to get at it. I will be posting a video soon, trust. 






One thought on “I need as much help as possible on this one

  1. JWHIT,
    I have to deal with more paperwork than I like, too. I try to spend 30 mins/day devoted to paperwork (no other disractions). Then on Friday morning, I usually spend less than an hour finishing up the week. It works for me but the key is to shut down every other distraction.

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