Nice tie

A procedure in my class is that every student must speak to me upon coming in the class. I've always thought it was rude for children not to say something when they walk into the room. 
One day as a joke I told my 2nd graders they could even say "nice tie, Mr. Whitaker". And of course I had a student everyday walk in and say that my tie was nice. One day I looked at my tie and said "no, its not". It wasn't very special. It wasn't unique and it certainly wasn't something a future scholar would remember. (All my students are scholars)

So when I was moved to a new school I said I'd start off with a new look. Something that justified a nice, sincere morning greeting. That's why I wear bow ties. I figured it would always stand out and maybe a future CEO will remember "that bald guy with the bow tie". 

Been getting at it at Crossfit as of late. I didn't reach my goal last week, but I have today to slip in the muscle up. Today's WOD has  a lot of pull ups in it so, hey. 

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Nice tie

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