Let’s create something new

I'd like to propose some crowd sourcing for a problem I have in my classroom. I've always thought that getting as many ideas would create the best solution to a problem. Feel free to post another blog, article or a reading that adds to the discussion and let's see what kind of solutions we get. Let the good ideas flow. 

Problem: Students aren't turing in weekly homework

Details: Every Monday the students get a homework sheet with the weekly homework outlined for them. They're asked to turn in the work on Friday. Notes home to parents don't get answered and phone calls have been less than responsive.  It makes no never mind in my book if homework is graded or just busy work it's value is the reinforcement of the skills taught in class. Keep in mind that of the 7-8 students that regularly do their homework 2 look like they did it on the bus on their way to school. 

Question: What would you do? How do you get students to put more effort into their weekly homework? Do your kids do homework? 

I have some ideas, but I'd love to get as many original ideas from you all as possible. By the way, my 1st grader does her homework gleefully. My wife and I check it and initial it every night. 

School year is great. I do have some other issues that I'd like to crowd source, but this one is probably the biggest waste of my time. 

Besides that we're in the midst of a fitness/eating challenge at Crossfit South Cobb. I got full intentions of winning and I'll keep you posted on the end results. 


2 thoughts on “Let’s create something new

  1. First let me give full disclosure, I am not a classroom teacher, I am a physical therapist and I run a company now based on positive reinforcement.
    In PT school we spent some time working on feedback and motor learning and I have found working with patients that positive reinforcement motivates them more than anything else I can do. For example, after knee replacement we have a goal of 90 degrees knee flexion. After each session we measure knee flexion and as long as we are moving towards the goal they stay motivated. Jason, as you are working on muscle ups, I am sure you feel motivated when you see progress toward your goal. These are both positive feedback cycles.
    So my suggestion is find an effective method to provide consistent positive feedback when they meet the homework goal. That could be anything from individual awards to Mr. Whitaker will do the Dougie if everyone brings their homework on Monday. Whatever you think will work. Over time the feedback can become variable, but up front it needs to be every time they succeed.
    Good luck!

  2. I didn’t say it, but I would like to hear from non-education types so your insight is welcomed.
    I do like this idea. The challenge I put out to my class is to have 100% this week and Monday we’ll do something fun. we went over the homework expectations and I hope to have a good report Friday. I’ll keep you all posted on it.

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