Observation time

I'm sure all teachers know about Formal Observations. For all the rest of you it's the time when your administration stops by your room for 30-60 minutes and evaluates your teaching. For some it's pretty stressful. For others it's just another day in the classroom. 

No matter how you deal with the evaluation there is a factor you can't control, students. They may do exactly like they do any other day OR they may do exactly as they do any other day. As a teacher there is no worse feeling as watching your evaluation start to fade away as little Johnny and Sally stage a coup. 

So here's my question; how do you prepare your class for the observation? There seems to be 3 schools of thought. 

1) Tell them that this is an observation for THEM and that they administration wants to see that each of them is ready for X grade next year. Point out that they need to be on their very best behavior to show Mr./Ms. Principal that they're ready for the next grade. 

2) Tell them that this observation is for you the teacher and it could bode well or bad for you if the kids don't do their best. 

3) Just let the chips fall where they will. Don't make a big deal out of it. Act as if this is a surprise to you and pray the shock will remain through the entire session.

 I can see the merit and the ill with all three of these tactics. I'll tell you what I did when I see how it goes tomorrow. 

In the mean time let me go workout so I can relax and be ready for show time. 

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