Weeds and grass


    Anyone who has a lawn knows that it's MUCH easier to grow weeds in your yard than it is to cultivate a nice, healthy lawn. I know from a reliable source that if you trim down a weeded yard often enough it will really look pretty good. It's only when someone inspects it does the truth jump out. This yard is full of weeds. 


    This is a pic of a neighbor's lawn. Every time I see it I say "Wow, that guy's yard is incredible". I see him a couple times a week out watering or cutting. The tools he uses to do the aren't his granddad's mower. He's using some top shelf or near top shelf stuff. I'm sure he has the occasional weed invasion, but he certainly doesn't let it show, even at close review. His yard has it going on. He has something to show for his hard work and I'd be proud if my yard looked a little bit like this. 

    It equally takes work to raise a student that loves learning and is about learning. You can pretend that you're raising a learner, but it doesn't take much to see that what you're doing is sending a child to school without any goals, expectations or idea what you want from them. It's going to take work and it's going to be hard, but what else do you have to do? We have these kids of ours for only a little while. Then one day they will be off setting their own path and building their own futures. Why not make sure that they have to tools/know how and skill set to make a good run at it? 

    Contrary to some strange beliefs, your kids belong to you. They were entrusted to you and you're going to one day say how well or poorly you did at raising them to tackle the World. We have to do better to cultivate their love of learning and help them to see it as a blessing to learn rather than something to be ashamed of. 

    I can't imagine my neighbor with the great yard being ashamed of his hard work. Now that character who was trimming down the weeds in his yard to make a faux lawn, that just won't do. 

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