Ain’t no body got time for this

    Next year I'm going to make my class use composition books to keep all their work. Keeping up with all this paper is not the business! I had a mind to do it this year, but next year for sure. I'm going to have 3-4 comp books per student and they'll just keep all their work in for a grade in that. Not sure what will happen with worksheets or that, but I'll find a way. Might make them trim the page and glue it to the a page in the composition book. My oldest does something like this for their homework. Thankfully she's overly responsible so that book is well taken care of. I'll have to budget/plan for the inevitable lost comp book, but hey. The ones my students use now in class are pretty well taken care of. I have had a few waste so many pages that they're done with their book and needed a new one. If I do a good job explaining the books on the front end I think I should be able to make my way through.
    If anyone has any really cool ideas on helping 2nd graders who have never had to manage 3-4 comp books, keep them in tact and safe, let me know. 
    All I really know is I don't possess the time in the day or in my life for the abundance of loose paper that floats around my class. 

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