Summer Learning

What are you teaching your children this Summer? I don't mean what the Camp is teaching them or what your cousin down South is teaching them. What lessons are your kids learning from you during the "time off from school"?

  • TV is a babysitter and a pretty good parent
  • The library? Where is the Library? 
  • You don't have to read over the Summer. Take the time off. 
  • I don't know why your teacher sent you this Summer Work Packet home.


  • The bookstore is having reading time. Let's go.
  • Where's the remote? Who cares!
  • Let's get out and go visit our neighbors.
  • We're all going to sit down for dinner together.

*School never ends and neither does learning so make sure what your kids see/hear from you is something you're ok with seeing and hearing again. There are so many good lessons kids can learn from their families that it's a shame more parents don't utilize these teaching opps. Enjoy your Summer, but don't look past the Summer Learning. 


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