Maybe I am making a difference

I had a student A LONG time ago in 2nd grade.

*My third year teaching, the 1st time.  

Back to the story. He was a sharp guy. He worked hard and had super parent support. Matter of fact his class was the 1st and only class I promised that if any of the boys went to Morehouse and any of the girls went to Spelman I'd pay for their books all 4 years.

Well this summer my family and I were invited to his high school graduation. He was given a full ride, books and all to another great school. Besides me getting off the hook for books I'm really excited for him and his family. I met his 3rd grade teacher who kept in touch with him through out his school years. She assured me that it wasn't a fluke and that he was a really great student. 

So maybe we're making a difference. Just maybe this isn't for naught. 

Alright back to Summer time relaxation. I could really get used to this. 


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