Reasons you should turn off your TV this summer

My DD1 and I were going to do a video of this post, but her agent didn't contact my people and the collaboration didn't come together. 

  • Your child hasn't met 50 bestest friends as of yet. 
  • Your child cannot quote any Dr. Seuss. 
  • Your home electric bill has doubled. 
  • Your child doesn't know where their swim suit is.  
  • Your child hasn't touched that "Summer work packet" their teacher sent home. 
  • You haven't said "whew, you smell like outside". 
  • "Mommy, whats that building?" "It's a library."
  • Your child hasn't been sun burned, bug bitten, climbed a tree, visited a park, zoo, carnival or pool, swung on a tire swing, or gotten so tanned you didn't recognize them. 
  • They still haven't cleaned their room!

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