Points for Teachers during the Summer

  1. Major points to you if you don't check your work email while on Summer break. +10. -5 if you check it, -10 if you check and reply to anyone. 
  2. If you can be seen walking around in flip flops, +5. Give yourself +10 if you strategically stuff sand between your toes. 
  3. Walk out side around the time your neighbors are leaving for work. Stand in your front yard and wave to them +2. If you're in your bath robe, +20. 
  4. Sign up for a work related workshop? – 5 for each day long the workshop is. -20 if you are the guy writing this blog WHILE YOU'RE IN SAID WORKSHOP! (+2 points back if it's a good workshop and you're learning useful stuff.)
  5. Talking wife into taking kids to camp so you can sleep late +10.
  6. Sleep late. Give yourself +2 points for every hour past your regular wake time. +10 extra points if you just throw the alarm clock out the window. 
  7. If you got by your school for any reason short of it being on your normal route -1. If you go inside -100!
  8.  If you buy little drink umbrellas and put them in all your drinks +20. 
  9. +2 for every show you clear off your DVR.
  10. +5 if you actually made Netflix earn their $7 this month. 

Bonus points 

    +40 Take a picture of  #3 or #8 and I'll post them for you. +10 for creative cups/umbrella.  

    +999 Give me some ideas of more points and pass this one to a friend who'd enjoy it. 

    +1000 if you're enjoying your Summer. 



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