A very simple math equation.

I have X amount of days before I return to school. I have Z2 amount of things to do. I'm wondering Y I'm not out doing them?

101+ update: We've done 52 things on our list. I know why it's not higher and it's because some of these things just aren't my family. Next year I'll do a better job of personalizing the list or maybe I'll do one during Christmas break. 

Random Ratings:

Suits starts up again tonight! 5 bow ties

Having so much fun hanging with DD2 while DD1 is in VBS. 5 bow ties

I'm supposed to roll out my new blog in a week. I'm not nearly ready! 2 bow ties 

To all my fellow teachers, have a great last couple of weeks. To all parents please get your babies ready cause we're going to have an awesome school year. 

Did anyone do anything particularly interesting this Summer? 


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