A quick update

I'm not one of those people who come across as if their vacation wasn't as long as others. I have had a fantastic Summer.  The girls and I got a lot done on our 101 things to do list. The most important is, we were able to relax and chill. There is a high value to being able to do nothing when you want.

Now it's time to start shifting gears back into school mode. All I'm doing in this vein is working on my classroom theme and decorations. I got a big vision for my students this year. Let's see if we call can live up to what we're supposed to be in life. Been going in on the Cricut and having a blast. I might need to set up a meet up with some other teachers and scrapbookers just to get some more ideas, tips and tricks. Not sure why specialty stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby and the such don't host meet ups. Just leaving $ on the table. 

Theme: 7 Habits of Happy Kids. Rather than just a fun classroom, this year I'm aiming to drive the 7 habits home and help my class become school leaders. I have a road map and I'm plugging away at getting my room pre organized so when I step on campus next week I just have to wake up, put up and set up a functional learning environment. 

I've run across some great blogs using this theme and I'll be posting what I'm doing by close of business someday. Has anyone successfully used Sean Covey's book in their class/school? If you can give me some pointers I'll certainly be appreciative. 

One more thing. My blog is going to get a re-fresh sometime in the next week. I'm not sure if the change will break links that you've saved for my page in your readers or feeds. I do promise this, This new blog's going to be pretty snazzy! 


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