Open house bow tie kick off

Meetandgreet (2)
Starting the year off with an open house. Have to say I was hyped up and I was let down like a lead balloon. No one came to my room to visit. They missed out.

I had some 2nd, 3rd thoughts about my 7 Habits trees I put up last week. So with the help of my niece and nephew I redid them and they look a lot better. I'll post pictures this week. I really feel that the "7H" will be helpful in my class. I thank God I was introduced to this book. 

Tomorrow I'm going to refresh my Opening Day PowerPoint (sure wish I had taken the time to learn how to do a Prezi!) as well as lay out my plans for the 1st week. This year I'm going to be a 10 at preparing and planning.

Wednesday will be here soon. I'm ready.

What has your 1st week of teaching or pre planning looked like? How are you preparing for the kiddos?


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