Unique facts about me and my 300th post

No school updates today. If you've endured this many posts by me this and hung in there this long, I might as well tell you somethings about me. Here we go.

  • 1. I'm a marketers dream. I get stuck on a brand or product and never seem to change. There are certain brands/stores and products that I've only used my entire adult live. Which leads me to…
  • 2. I only wear adidas. It's fair to say that just about EVERYDAY. I'm wearing something with the 3 stripes on it. Yeah, I mean everyday. I actually applied to work for them 3 different times. One time I went to a road race in Portland just to try to get a sales job. Needless to say I didn't get the job. It took me two years to decide to buy a pair of Inov8 to workout in. But…
  • 3. I've awaken at about the same time everyday for years. Much to my wife's angst. I get up at 5 am, even on weekends and during the Summer. Now I might go back to sleep after getting up, but I have to get up and out of the bed. 
  • 4. I read comic books on a regular. I used to be a HUGE Spiderman fan as a child. After the Death of Spiderman I pretty much became all DC all the time and more specifically, all day Batman. Speaking of that craziness…
  • 5. I've memorized "The Cat in the Hat" and "Green Eggs and Ham". I still hold the book when I read it to my students, but I hold it upside down for laughs. 
  • 6. I don't ever want to "retire". I want to be doing something when I'm 60+ that's so fulfilling that I'll just keep doing it until the end. 
  • 7. I have a serious phobia about being late to things that are in my mind important. I've been known to be places an hour early so not to be late. If I'm late to something it's mainly because I don't think it's important. No offense to anyone leading a meeting I'm supposed to be in. 
  • 8. As much as I joke about TV, I only watch 3 TV shows regularly. Suits, The Walking Dead and Law and Order:SVU
  • 9. I read 10-12 books a year. Kind of slowed down this year, but I still can read 5 more. 
  • 10. I really like small businesses. If I could I would start a think tank that churns out  turn key unique small businesses. 
  • A few extra oddities

  • 10.1 I like coming up with ideas. I can do this all afternoon and not miss a beat. How to make something better, different or work. But…
  • 10.2 I'm not super crafty. I don't get crafts so that's why my Cricut useage is kinda 2 dimensional. 

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