College road trip week, the aftermath

College Road Trip week was a lot of fun. 


Most of my students told me that they didn't know anyone who went to college, much more graduate. Also they've NEVER seen a black man in a cap and gown. So yeah, this past week I was excited to model for them.  

I took my ClassDojo and flipped it on it's ear. Everyday the kids had to earn 3 points to go up a "grade".  On Friday we had a Graduation Party. 

  • Monday – Freshmen 
  • Tuesday- Sophomore
  • Wednesday – Junior
  • Thursday – Senior
  • Friday Graduation day! 
  • Friday we had a Graduation Party with root beer floats for our Science lesson.

The kids loved it. 

    What I hoped the kids walked away with was an idea that college is an option for each of them. I do know that college isn't for everyone and I'm well aware that not every kid is going to HAVE to go. What I wanted is to make sure they understood that it was an option for each and every one of them. The door is closed to no one. It's up to everyone to go through that door if they want. 

Praying they didn't forget it all over the holiday. 

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