Hey, Mr. Whitaker! Where are your blog posts?

I've been super slack at blogging since returning from the Christmas break. The last couple of weeks have been whirlwind inside and outside of the classroom. So much going on and not nearly as many hours in the day as I'd like. 

Let's talk really quickly

My girls (wife and children) are perfect. I do think God is showing me .00001% He loves me by giving me these great women in my life. 

I'm on my 8th book of my 2014 reading goal. The book of Martyrs is a HARD read. 

Just finished 10 day juice fast.

Starting 3 week heavy lifting course in a few hours. 

If I change my attitude totally upside down guess what my students do? Look at me strange. 

Actually, I'm excited about the balance of this school year. It's going to be tough and there is A LOT to get done, but I feel like it's going to be rewarding. 

Ok, I have to scoot. I'm checking into the Smolov school of heavy back squats at Crossfit South Cobb at 8. 

Happy MLK Day! 


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