Ready for the 3rd Quarter

No team, Professional, College, High school, T-ball would expect to be successful without really understanding roles and what’s at stake. There’s team building, there’s good will, but most importantly there’s some degree of victory/success.

Teaching is a group effort. If it’s left to the players, coaches, GM’s or any particular singular entity the season will end in a dismal failure. First let me outline the roles.

  • Admin-GM
  • Teachers- Coaches and Coaching staff
  • Parents- Strength Coaches/Trainers
  • Community-Fans
  • Students-The Players

Sadly most of the time everyone in the organization is playing against others in the same organization. They see other ON THEIR TEAM as enemies! We’re not against each other. We’re all working for the same goal, victory. To often GM’s work against the Fans. The Players don’t work at all. While Trainers and Coaches are at each other’s necks. No one expects an organization in complete disarray to win a championship.

Teaching  can be just like a team on a self destruct path. As a “coach” I need everyone in the organization to help me get my players prepared and ready for the game, day in and out. At least we’re not the USA speed skating team at Sochi. IJS!

The Most Dysfunctional Team in Sochi




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