Week in review


The ties of the week

It’s been a very easy going week. I feel relaxed but focused.  I know the kiddos need to make up major ground after all the weather days we’ve had. So is on me to create a few miracles.


We’re wrapping up our money unit.  A lot of the lacking skills are going to have to be addressed in centers, anchor charts homework and prayer. Just because I like money and want to make a lot of it, doesn’t mean my class shares the same excitement. 


Tell me what you understand

Most kids have started just being purely honest when I ask them to rate themselves. They used to try to impress me, but ow they just say, “I’m lost.”


Centers, these are going to have to become my best friends. We’re not going to be able to meditate on every skill like we have been doing. It’s taking to Ling and we have a lot to get through. This year with all it’s craziness has been an adventure.


How was your week? Let’s hear how you’re going to make a difference next week.


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